edira Campus one – Rents for rooms in shared flats have risen sharply

Students are returning to the universities.

Students are returning to the universities. Accommodation near universities is attractive and will be in high demand in the future. After a “price-dampening corona effect” last year, prices for co-living rooms are rising sharply. According to a recent study by the Moses Mendelssohn Institute (MMI) in cooperation with the real estate portal, this is likely to intensify in the future. In Munich, students now pay 680 euros for a room.

Three important findings can be derived from this:

– the need for student housing remains very high

– affordable housing is in short supply, especially for students

– Demand is expected to continue to rise

This is precisely where edira Campus one comes in. As the first German public AIF, the fund focuses on the megatrend “student housing/microliving”. A low supply in times of persistently high demand makes it possible to generate returns that go beyond the possibilities of

of classic residential real estate.